Friday, August 16, 2013

Jerry Evenrud's Prodigal Son Collection

Chuck Hoffman and Jerry Evenrud. © Genesis+Art Studio

BASILICA OF ST. MARY GALLERY, MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. Three of our pieces reside in Jerry Evenrud’s Prodigal Son collection. Jerry donated his 600+ pieces of visual art based on the biblical parable from Luke 15 to Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN. Our work was included in the recent exhibition at the Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis. The Basilica of St. Mary, hosted the art exhibit during this past Lent. Johan von Parys, director of liturgy and sacred arts, shared, “The story of the Prodigal Son is one that resonates well. The eternal story of forgiveness, which we need so very much, rings true with people everywhere. We thought it would be very fitting to host this display during Lent.” We feel honored to be a part of Jerry's collection of work.

Intersections: Finding Our Common Ground

Solo exhibition at Stocksdale Gallery. Photo © Genesis+Art 

WILLIAM JEWELL COLLEGE, LIBERTY, MISSOURI. Earlier this year we had a solo exhibition at William Jewell College’s Stocksdale Gallery in Liberty, Missouri. Curated by gallery director, Rob Quinn, Intersections: Finding Our Common Ground. The exhibit featured our collaborative work that reflected on what divides and how we come together through understanding, listening and being present to the other. The exhibition was sponsored by The Center for Justice and Sustainability and was part of the Summit that included our workshops, lectures and community project. 

Revelations: Interrogating the Sacred

From exhibition at Saint Xavier University. Photo Maureen Riley

SAINT XAVIER UNIVERSITY, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Our work was included in the juried exhibition held recently at Saint Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois. Curated by Maureen Riley, Revelations: Interrogating the Sacred featured the work of thirteen artists actively examining Judeo–Christian themes within contemporary art. The group reflected, on a small scale, the role religion plays in today’s society. The exhibition was sponsored by Saint Xavier University, a catholic institution located in Chicago, Illinois and exhibited at the Beverly Arts Center. The exhibition also included a panel discussion that involved scholars and professionals from a wide range of academic disciplines aimed at creating a forum to discuss and promote understanding.

Join us for Ministry Week at Ghost Ranch

Mystical beauty of Ghost Ranch. Photo © Genesis+Art Studio

The vision for our studio is to Engage + Inspire + Create and we hope you will join us at the Ghost Ranch Retreat and Education Center October 14, 2013 - October 18, 2013 to explore your creative spirit and help us form sacred community.

Heaven of the Heart: Creating a Space for Sacred Imagination. What connects our spirituality, creativity, and living out our vocation? How might an intentional engagement with our creativity and our spirituality increase our ability to lead and live as people of faith? In this workshop you will push back the boundaries of familiar distractions and enter a Sabbath time in which to explore the intersection between creativity, spirituality and creative leadership. Using hands-on exercises, personal reflection and imagination, see how your creativity can form sacred community.

Ghost Ranch has a long tradition of supporting those in ministry with rich respite and continuing education. In 2013, we will dedicate two special weeks to helping support those in all fields of ministry (ordained and lay

Arrival (Monday afternoon) and Departure (Saturday morning) have been established so that those in ministry can leave/return in time for their weekly Worship responsibilities. Some segments will involve the full group (plenaries – processing – Worship). Come and receive a week of nourishment to help you so you in turn can help others. Hope to see you!

Beyond Words: The Color of Prayer

Holden Prayer Service. Photo © Genesis+Art Studio

Too often we rely only on words, which have limits. Using art as prayer we invited folks of all ages to explore the mystery and revelation of the divine from a place where there are no words. Focusing on the dual concepts of art as prayer and the making of art as a way of praying, we guided workshop participants through the creative process to design and create a personal painted prayer. Together, we created a sacred space for this connecting soul work of art and prayer, engaging our imaginations to reveal, heal and renew our spirits. The image is from the evening TaizĂ© style servce based on the Holden: Praying around the cross service. 

Engage + Inspire + Create

Adding painted prayers around the canvas ©Genesis+Art Studio

GHOST RANCH, ABIQUIU, NEW MEXICO. We sought to practice our vision to, Engage + Inspire + Create, at the Ghost Ranch Retreat and Education Center this past July with our Prayer Canvas Workshop. We designed and began the prayer canvas in our studio in Kansas City and then completed the canvas with workshop participants, other guests and Ghost Ranch staff in Abiquiu. We feel the prayer canvas is a testament to community, hope and the creative spirit — thanks to everyone who helped make this a one-of-a-kind Ghost Ranch experience.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thuma mina.

Gathering around the canvas to offer prayers for healing.
Photo: David Hahn

WHEATON COLLEGE, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Missionaries from Ghana, Egypt, Philippines, Ecuador, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and points around the globe gathered as part of the American Society of Missiology Conference. The missionaries along with theologians, teachers and scholars, and artists, gathered Saturday evening around our painted canvas, placing candles on the world map as a symbol of the light of prayer offered for its healing. We also offered sung prayers from South Africa, Thuma mina, thuma mina, thuma mina, somandla.